The New Kitchen Takes Shape

The new kitchen at the temple came into being with astonishing rapidity during January and February 2018

Many thanks to everyone who generously gave their time, money and help to bring about the new kitchen


Phra Ak’s Final Meditation Class, for the time being

Phra Ak held his last meditation class for local people, for the time being, on Wednesday evening, 10th January, before returning to Thailand

Meditation class participants would like to thank Phra Ak for all his time, energy and enthusiasm teaching meditation at the temple during the past six months

He plans to apply for a new visa and return around April 2018 and we look forward to having him back at the temple again

In the meantime, we welcome Phra Seri back into the Meditation Class teaching role

Farewell to the monks as they return to Thailand

Farewell to Phra Ak, Phra Liu, Phra Chin and Phra Boom (pictured L to R as they go on alms round in a rainy Manchester city centre) who all left the temple on 11th January to return to Thailand when their UK visas expired

They will be missed at the temple and we wish them all well for the future

Phra Ak and Phra Liu will be returning in three months or so time when they obtain new visas

alms round




New Year Retreat, Friday 29th Dec. 2017 – Mon 1st Jan. 2018

All are welcome to join with the monks and lay community for the 2017 / 2018 New Year Retreat

Take the opportunity to enhance your mediation practice and gain a deeper understanding and experience of temple life

You are welcome to attend for any part of the retreat, for example just a morning, afternoon, or evening, or the whole day. Or indeed the whole retreat, in which case please contact the temple ahead of time to make arrangements to stay

Loose-fitting (but modest) clothes are recommended for your own comfort. In the Dhammakaya meditation tradition, it’s customary to wear light coloured (preferably white) clothing as it helps the meditation’s atmosphere


Friday and Saturday
05:30 am Chanting and Meditation
08:00 am Offering food to the monks followed by breakfast
09:00 am Meditation and Dhamma talk
11:00 am Offering food to the monks followed by lunch
12:00 pm Personal time
01:30 pm Meditation and Dhamma talk
04:00 pm Exercises
05:00 pm Panna (snacks), personal time
06:00 pm Chanting and Meditation
07:30 pm Meditation and Dhamma talk
10:00 pm Sleep

New Year’s Eve:
08:45 Registration
09:00 Meditation
10:30 Alms Offering
11:00 Food Offering / Lunch
12:45 Form a procession for the main event
13:45 Meritorious Robe Giving Ceremony
13:45 Listen to Sermon
15:30 Tidy Up
19:00 Chanting and Meditation
20:30 Gold Leaf Ceremony
21:15 Light Auspicious New Year Lamps
00:00 Happy New Year!

New Years Day:
09:00 Meditation
10:30 Alms Offering