Buddhist Cafe

Tuesday Evenings, 8:30 – 9:30 pm

The Buddhist Café is an informal forum for participants learn about Buddhism and the life of the Buddha, hosted by Buddhist monk lp Ak

We meet in the reception area and tea and light refreshments are served

Each week there is a presentation on a particular subject of interest, interspersed with questions and answers

Please feel free to bring along refreshments

Topics and events include:

Victory over death
Born to Buddhahood
The Light
Important sayings of the Buddha
The Buddhist Monk

Buddhist Pilgrimage – a multi part travelogue highlighting some of the highs and lows of backpacking around Buddhism’s four most scared sites in India and Nepal

Poetry, set to the background of the Himalayas
Yoga Knowledge
Yoga and Buddhism
Types of Yoga

Lp Ak:
The three types of Buddhism

International Monk night, guest speaker monks by videolink featuring:
Lp Ronnapop (Wat Dhammakaya Scotland)
Lp Sander (Wat Dhammakaya Netherlands)
Lp Nicholas (Wat Dhammakaya California, USA)

Welcome to Buddhist Café
Photo of full moon over Stockport Dhammakaya temple by Sharon

Urgent Appeal for English Lessons for the Monks

The temple is fortunate to have Buddhist monks in residence

The monks are experts in the practice and teaching of meditation

Our meditation teacher lp Ak, and lp Liu and lp Chalong must all pass an IELTS English language exam at level 5.5 for their UK visas to be extended, otherwise they will have to leave

The exam is by no means easy, and many native English speakers would probably struggle to pass

We have procured the services of a local qualified private teacher with many years experience of getting students through this IELTS exam. The private teacher costs £25.00 per lesson and the IELTS exam costs £160.00 to sit, and is not easy to pass first time. There is also good online training that supports the monks but this also has a cost

Please help us retain the monks at the temple by donating towards the cost of them passing their IELTS exams

We have a collection at the meditation class on Wednesday evenings, at other times please speak to Warren, Martin or lp Ak