Kathina Ceremony, Sunday October 27th 2019, 08:30 – 15:00 hrs

We are delighted to invite you to attend the Grand Annual Kathina Ceremony  on Sunday, 27th October 2019, from 08.30 to 15.00 hrs

08.30am – Registration
09.00am – Meditation
10.30am – Alms Giving Ceremony
11.00am – Offering midday meal to the monks and lunch time for all participants (enjoy a large variety of Thai food and drinks provided by temple supporters)
01.30pm – Paying homage to the Buddha by walking around the temple
02.00pm – Kathina Ceremony
03.30pm – Finish

The Kaṭhina robe offering ceremony is most important annual festival in Theravada Buddhism. Participants enjoy the ceremony, performing many meritorious acts

People gather in the temple, undertake the five precepts, and listen to Dhamma talks. The first session is concluded before noon. Thereafter, the devotees serve a meal to the Monks and enjoy a large variety of Thai foods and desserts provided by temple supporters

The main theme of Kaṭhina begins at midday, around 13:00, where monks give Dhamma talks and talk about the significance of the Kaṭhina robe offering. A representative of the laypeople leads the ceremony and announces the offering. At the ending session, the festival is concluded by sharing the accumulated merits to relatives and sentient beings.

Kathina Ceremonies will also be taking place at
Wat Phra Dhammakaya London, Sunday, 20th October 2019
Wat Phra Dhammakaya Scotland, Saturday, 9th November 2019
Wat Phra Dhammakaya Newcastle, Sunday, 10th November 2019

Appeal for English Lessons for the Monks

The temple is fortunate to have Buddhist monks in residence

The monks are experts in the practice and teaching of meditation

Our meditation teacher lp Ak, and lp Liu and lp Chalong must all pass an IELTS English language exam at level 5.5 for their UK visas to be extended, otherwise they will have to leave

The exam is by no means easy, and many native English speakers would probably struggle to pass

We have procured the services of a local qualified private teacher with many years experience of getting students through this IELTS exam. The private teacher costs £25.00 per lesson and the IELTS exam costs £160.00 to sit, and is not easy to pass first time. There is also good online training that supports the monks but this also has a cost

Please help us retain the monks at the temple by donating towards the cost of them passing their IELTS exams

We have a collection at the meditation class on Wednesday evenings, at other times please speak to Warren, Martin or lp Ak

Visit to the Buddhist Society of Manchester

On December 1st 2018, the monks and temple supporters travelled to Sale, Greater Manchester to meet with members of the Buddhist Society of Manchester

The Buddhist Society of Manchester was founded in 1951, making it the second oldest Buddhist organisation in the country. In 1954 its members supported Venerable Kappilavaddho to travel to Thailand to become the first westerner there to ordain as a Buddhist monk, under the tutelage of Luangpu of Wat Paknam. Dhammakaya and the Buddhist Society of Manchester thus share a common lineage

Everyone present had an opportunity to meet, followed by a meditation led by Phra Ak and the presentation of gifts