Meditation Classes

We are not running classes currently


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Join like minded people in practising Dhammakaya meditation, a simple and effective technique, suitable for people of all levels of experience

Keep your inspiration to meditate going, by becoming part of a group that meditates regularly with a Buddhist monk in the quiet and conducive atmosphere of a meditation centre

Why Meditate?

Meditation has become widely accepted for its health benefits which include:

  • Ability to reduce one’s stress levels
  • Pulling oneself out of depression
  • Overcoming sleep problems
  • Helping improve focus and concentration

Classes are friendly and informal

Simple stretching exercises, video presentations and a Q and A session may be included

Classes are suitable for people of all levels of experience and newcomers are welcome to join at any stage

Classes are open to all people, of all beliefs and religious orientation, or who have no religious orientation at all, and don’t worry, there will never be any pressure or attempt to convert you to Buddhism.

Loose-fitting (but modest) clothes are recommended for your own comfort. In the Dhammakaya meditation tradition, it’s customary to wear light coloured (preferably white) clothing as it helps the meditation’s atmosphere, but you don’t have to

Please put your mobile phone on airplane mode / silent so as not to disturb others

Please leave your shoes in the entrance hall. If you need to stretch out your legs during meditation, we ask that you please don’t point your feet at the Buddha image or the teaching monk

Please arrive in good time as the temple main door will be locked at 7:00 pm

Cost £5.00 per class, which goes towards meditation centre running costs. We don’t charge for meditation, but the centre does rely on donations to keep going. If you can donate £5.00,  it will help us to keep providing these classes to the community. However, we will never turn anyone away due to lack of funds

Students under 16 may be accepted with parental consent

Temple staff may take photographs of the participants during the class

Photographs help form a record of temple activities and may be published online

Please protect yourself and others by taking sensible COVID-19 precautions and following government guidelines, at

To help with your meditation practice at home, meditation videos and other resources can be found here

When attending meditation classes, please consider out neighbours. We ask that you don’t park across the road from the temple gate. Thank you